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knock knock whos there
its me
SYKE it isnt me
because i fucking dont do anything consistently
and when i say im going to update deviantart it might as well be code for "SEE YOU GUYS NEVER" or perhaps "OLLIES AWAY IN2 THE MOON NEVER TO BE SEEN AGAIN" or something

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slowly but surely i am reacclimating to the internet and to drawing and to writing and to doing things besides sulking and bein a peeface

i'm not gonna answer all the messages from da summa or not like... before this journal because i don't want to rekindle old conversations people are no longer interested in. PIP PIP

i hope yall are flourishing and that my new followers are pleased with what i got U ' 3') <(♥mwah♥)
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but that's aight :3
(ty :iconpathetictastic: <3)
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in other news if you screenshot my 1k hits then i'll draw you a lil thing :3
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it is for practicing drawing poses and human anatomy and stuff! my friend :iconpimpdaddyslug: would like it to practice and I CANNOT FIND IT ANYWHERE =__= i think it is a flash site and i'm pretty sure it's in english... it shows muscles and stuff, no skin or clothes or nothin.

i have nothing to motivate you to help besides positive energies sorry :3
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thank you for the kind words when i was whining earlier. i deleted the journal cuz it was pointless.

now that i have failed my us history class i can focus on a) drawing b) ALL OF MY OTHER CLASSES yaaay also i got a shitty one-day-a-week job!! i am back to brimming with optimism open your mouth and receive my happiness

also everyone already knows BUT my tumbly is JUST IN CASE YOU DIDNT KNOW. i basically live there nowadays. doodles and sketches and other fun shit gogogogo

also i rode my bike 20 miles last weekend and 20 miles this weekend. i will have murderthighs in notiiiime

that's it

you can leave now
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relocated from :iconspacebones: so thanks for rewatchin if you did!!
it will be nice to have a username that isn't all caps :V
prepare 4 cartoony shit and comix ok :>